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March 2018—June 2019





Our current project is supported by the Australian Department for Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) and their InnovationXchange, an international leader in the use of human-centered design and technology to amplify the impact of international development.


Our work with DFAT focuses on measuring the potential impact of the mobile software platform we are building to increase school attendance in refugee camps. Early in our research, RISE spent time in Kakuma refugee camp in Kenya where we interviewed teachers, aid workers, and students to calibrate how our product will accelerate the delivery of essential services.



This year we returned to Kakuma to conduct live software pilot tests with our technology in the hands of our end-users. We integrated into their workflow while we collected data and user feedback for analysis and continuous product development.


Our goal is to demonstrate the potential impact of our innovation in Kenya and its scalability to other countries and refugee settings. Our project with DFAT sets a solid data-informed foundation upon which to build.

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