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In 2016, RISE partnered with HIAS to build and deploy an enterprise software system to coordinate legal services for refugees in Lesvos, Greece.


RISE collaborated with HIAS headquarters and field staff to design a mobile and web application platform that was used to track client services and centralize aid coordination. The platform was deployed to Lesvos for testing in the field with HIAS staff.


Following the testing period, RISE migrated 200 refugee case records onto the cloud-based case management system to help HIAS headquarters better understand the needs of the refugees they serve in Lesvos.


This project, which started out as an innovative effort, proved to be a vital contribution to the HIAS call for streamlined workflows in an ever-fluctuating and unpredictable environment. Technical assets of the app such as offline capabilities and systems integrations offered aid workers an enhanced agility in the field.


Our partnership with HIAS endures as they are equally vested in seeing their own operations become more nimble and responsive. In addition, HIAS is a unique convener of other international non-governmental organizations in developing innovative ways for the largest 20 aid agencies to build shared systems.



December 2016





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